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We provide a range of translation services to both individuals and businesses across the world. Our translation services includes document translation, business translation, legal translation, financial translation, medical translation, website translation and many more covering 40+ languages around the world. Our ability to provide accurate and authentic translations with a quick turnaround time makes us the best translation service provider in the industry.

Document translation is considered as a highly essential service in this globalised world whereby cross cultural interaction takes place among individuals every second. With the help of a professional linguist, it can be possible to communicate efficiently within the globalised world. At Translation Help Online, we have highly experienced and professional linguists that can translate any document of any complexity level in multiple languages with ease. We provide completely human based translation assistance for maximum accuracy and authenticity.

The professional team of certified translators and linguist at Translation Help Online covers more than 40 languages in translating documents with higher accuracy. We provide translation services covering the needs and requirements of individuals and businesses across different industries. Our services cover different types of translations depending on the needs and requirements of our clients and can be customised further to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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Different Types of Translation Services Offered

We at Translation Help Online offer different types of translation services to our customers from different industries as per their requirements as indicated below:

Technical Translation: Technical translation as the name suggests is a type of translation of a complex document that requires high level of specification. It requires a good level of knowledge and understanding about specialised terminology in performing technical translation. Technical translation can therefore be defined as translation of user manuals, medical translation, financial reports, instruction leaflet, minutes of the proceeding and many such technical documents. The availability of large number of technical experts at Translation Help Online provides an opportunity to customers seeking for translation of technical documents across different subject areas with ease.

Scientific Translation: Scientific translation requires an expert from science background because it requires the translation of documents in the domain of science. This can be articles, booklets, thesis, papers, study reports, conference papers and many more. It therefore requires special knowledge in performing scientific translation with high level of accuracy. A good understanding of both the source and target languages is important in performing the scientific translation in a perfect way and this is all possible with the experts from science background available at Translation Help Online.

Legal Translation: Legal translation is all about performing a translation of language that is applied in legal settings and for legal purposes. This type of translation is mainly applicable in case of law and requires a high level of precision. The language is difficult and complex and requires great level of focus and attention on the part of legal expert carrying out the translation. There can be different types of legal documents that need to be translated such as registration certificate; expert opinion and text for judicial purposes, summons and warrants, or it can be minutes of court proceedings. The professional law experts of Translation Help Online make it easy to transfer even complex law documents with high level of perfection.

Financial Translation: Financial translations include the translation of documents in financial domain such as annual accounts of the company, annual report, financial statements financial substantiations and business plans, insurance documents and agreements, and financial reports of different types. Financial translation needs a good knowledge and understanding of financing and accounting subject because it requires the application of terminologies related to finance. The availability of subject matter experts in finance allows Translation Help Online to meet out the financial translation needs of its customers in an effective way.

Judicial Translation: Judicial translation is completely different from that of legal translation because it requires performing the translation of documents in court settings. The judicial translators are specialised in translating important documents such as minutes of proceedings, opinions given by the experts, minutes of interrogation sessions, and many other technical documents including birth and marriage certificate, sentences, property deeds, lawsuit etc. The availability of highly qualified and professional Judiciary expert with Translation Help Online is a good advantage for the judicial translation seekers in translating complex documents with high level of precision and accuracy.

Certified Translation: Certified translation is all about accuracy and authenticity because it is a signed statement given to the language service provider in respect to achieving high level of accuracy and true representation of the original document in the translation process. This kind of high level of precision is required while submitting legal documents. The presence of professional and highly qualified and experienced translators makes the certified translations possible at Translation Help Online to ensure better customer satisfaction.

Wide Range of Documents for Translations

As a part of a translation service, we do translation for a number of Documents of different types in different languages as requested by client. Some of the important types of documents along with their purpose are explained as follows:

Police Clearance Certificate

It is an important document that is normally required for a number of purposes including the application for citizenship, getting visa, job application, and it can also be needed for immigration. We provide complete assistance in translating police clearance certificate in any language with high level of precision and accuracy. The scope of mistakes is very less in such police certificates, as it is something related to law and criminality.

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is a common service offered by Translation Help Online where in we translate birth certificate from different languages to the language of clients’ choice. Birth certificate is an important document utilised for the purpose of age verification and it is needed in many such instances including admission to schools and colleges, job applications, migration to different countries and many more.

Medical Document Translation

It is quite common among people to go International in order to get better medical treatment. This International movement often requires them to translate the document into target country language in order to avail the Medical Services. We provide translation of such medical documents with our expert medical translators that have good understanding of medical terminology.

Death Certificate Translation

Death certificate is often required to be maintained in different language for different purposes including the need to keep it as a record. Our certified translators are capable enough to translate the certificates with ease for our customers. Although death is one of the most depressed instance of once life, but death certificates are essential and required in a number of instances as a valid document.

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