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The credibility of a document increases with no grammatical errors in it. Our proofreading experts are highly qualified to ensure no grammatical mistakes and their years of experience including the accessibility to proofreading tools like Grammarly helps them in delivering quality services with no errors. Their strong command over English language makes them capable enough to deliver error-free documents with ease.

Proofreading is an important step to be carried out prior to final publication of a paper. The task of proofreading generally involves a critical examination of the paper to find out any errors in the text which can be in the form of minor spelling mistakes to punctuation errors, formatting issues, typos and inconsistencies. It involves a careful checking of the paper in order to extract out any error so that the content can be made meaningful to the end user.

At Translation Help Online, we have professional experts that have good command over grammar and are well aware of extracting every single issue from a document to make it highly relevant for the end users.

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An Example of Proofreading by our Proofreaders

Proofreaders in publication industry normally utilize a printed proof copy of the text and all the corrections are done using specific proofreading marks. The proofreaders at Translation Help Online, normally performs the proofreading of a document on electronic version using the track changes feature in Microsoft word. This allows the user to identify the issues in the paper and with corrections in red, it becomes possible to learn during the process as well.

The task of proofreading requires great level of attention, and patience on the part of proofreader. Along with this, the years of experience is also a significant criterion in achieving higher level of accuracy in the work. Both these areas are highly emphasised at Translation Help Online, so that there is no scope left for any issues in their work.

Important Proofreading Techniques Utilised by Translation Help Online

The proofreaders at Translation Help Online makes use of certain important proofreading tips and techniques in order to make sure that the text they proofread is free from any kind of error.

Editing First: This is the first important step considered by the proofreaders while proofreading a document. They perform a thorough study of the paper and makes complete revision and editing of the work. It is of no use to correct minor errors if it is found later to have a complete paragraph needed to be changed.

Taking a Printout: The next step after editing the work is to take a printout because it is likely to miss out certain things while checking the paper on a screen. The printout provides a better view of any mistakes and errors in the document and allows the opportunity to proofreader to leave no error in their work.

Thorough Study of Paper: This step includes performing a thorough analysis of all the issues in the paper such as reducing the excessive words, removing jargons, performing a check of sentence structure, and review the structure including the sequencing of the paragraph.

Application of Tools: After performing a manual check, our proof reader makes use of online tools and applications in order to improve the grammatical issues left out. The application of grammatical correction tools such as grammarly help in removing each and every mistake from the paper and makes it a perfect one to submit for publication.

Why Choose Translation Help Online Proofreaders

There are a number of important areas considered by our proofreaders while proofreading a document and it makes it a good choice to select proofreaders in proofreading any document. They look at a number of areas such as:

1) Spelling and word choice confusion: This includes an analysis of misuse of preposition, and misuse of definite and indefinite articles.

2) Misplaced punctuation: It includes a critical examination of missing or misused commas, confusion between hyphens and en dashes, and the use of apostrophes.

3) Stylistic inconsistency: The proof readers look at the language selection in order to improve the stylistic inconsistency. This includes selection of language which can be Us or UK language depending on client requirement.

4) Formatting issues: Formatting issues assessment includes a critical evaluation of quotation and citation, collection of inconsistent paragraph indentation and spacing, and also correcting misplaced page numbers.

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