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About Us

Translation Help Online is a professional language service provider that assists in performing translation of documents from different languages to the language of choice of client. With a team of diverse linguists, it becomes possible for the company to offer quality translation of document with highest possible accuracy. In line with the primary Vision and Mission of the company, it seeks to achieve maximum satisfaction among its customers from wide range of industries throughout the world. A dedicated team of experts at Translation Help Online specialises in providing quality translation services covering languages Arabic, Africaans, Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Romanian, Vietnamese, and many more.

Along with the primary service of translation of documents in different languages, Translation Help Online also assist in a number of ancillary services including proofreading services, resume writing services and copywriting services. There is a separate team maintained by us in order to Cater to the needs and requirements of our clients regarding different types of documents and content. With highly experienced team of proofreaders, resume writers and copywriters, it becomes possible to provide best possible content that help in meeting out the expectations of customers in a better way.

Core Values of Translation Help Online

We are committed to providing high quality translation and proofreading services and it is clearly reflected in our core values as follows:

1) Delivering Excellent Quality Services: We pay adequate attention towards quality and this is why we have highly experienced translators, proofreaders and copywriters in our team. With a massive experience in translating and proofreading documents, they are capable enough to deliver their best at minimum possible time. This help us in creating value for our end customers in the form of excellent delivery of documents as requested.

2) Fostering Teamwork and Cooperation: This is another important core value reflected in our working whereby proofreaders are often found helping the translators and resume writers in achieving perfection in their work. Experts from each department work in a team and intend to provide best quality services through collaborative effort of each and every member.

3) Maintaining Complete Privacy: We understand the importance of maintaining privacy and confidentiality of our client. This is reflected in our working whereby our experts do not discuss anything with anyone, and client information is kept completely private and confidential.

4) Cost Efficient Services: We aim to keep the prices lower as much as we can for our clients so that they achieve value for money from our services. While maintaining the prices lower, we do not compromise on quality in any way and seeks to achieve excellence in all the work we do.

With these core values, we aim to achieve maximum satisfaction within our customers. These values help us in achieving perfection in our wide range of services covering translation, proofreading, resume writing and copywriting services.

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